LAKE POWELL, Utah (ABC4) — Glen Canyon National Park Service officials say there is nothing they can do for the starving horse found in Lake Powell this week and advise the public not to feed her.

Earlier this week, concerned residents of the Lake Powell area posted pictures of a starving horse and two small horse carcasses in Navajo Canyon. While Glen Canyon officials expressed their sadness over the death of the horses, they said there is nothing they can do to help as the horse is not actually trapped in the area.

NPS officials rescued two horses at the beginning of the summer from the same area after they were trapped by rising flood waters. This time, however, they confirmed there is a way in and out meaning the horse has chosen to stay. For this reason, officials say there is not much they can do.

Glen Canyon representatives also advise the public not to feed the horse as it may encourage her to stay in the area.

Usually, NPS representatives say they try not to intervene with wildlife. According to the website, parks, such as Yellowstone and in this case Glen Canyon, avoid intervention because “the death of some animals is a necessary part of sustaining [the] populations of predators, scavengers, decomposers, and, eventually herbivores once the nutrient cycle comes full circle.”

There are some circumstances when NPS rangers intervene, such as when it threatens human life and property or to restore a natural ecosystem that has been disrupted by human activities. At the beginning of the summer, NPS said they rescued the horses because the horses were stranded on a popular spot for boaters causing “a safety concern to the public.”