MOAB, Utah (ABC4) — Moab Valley Fire officials found and disposed of “old undetonated mining explosives” on Feb. 3 causing many community members distress at the bomb-like sounds.

Officials from the Moab Valley Fire Department announced that they were planning on “disposing of found property” on the Law Enforcement Gun Range on Thursday, Feb. 2 on social media. The post warned the public that the disposal would cause “concussive noises that may be heard for great distances.” It also cautioned the public not to report the noises to 911.

The social media post did not reach everyone, however, and community members responded on social media with frustration after the unexpected noises reportedly shook their homes and sounded like bombs.

Following the incident and public pushback, the department released a statement apologizing for not doing more to prepare the community. The department said they had located undetonated mining explosives on Feb. 2 and immediately cordoned off the area and contacted the Utah County Sheriff’s Office Bomb Squad who arrived the following day.

“Due to the pressing nature of the situation and need for timely disposal, social media was used to inform the public,” the statement read.

The department also said it was unable to give details or location in order to maintain public safety.

Officials apologized for any distress the disposal of the explosives may have caused for community members.

“In the future we will do our best to utilize additional methods of alerting the public when necessary including radio and appropriate alert systems. We will continue to strive to keep the public informed while also balancing the need for public safety,” the statement read.