Man and son walk 20 miles for help after bad GPS directions

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MOHAVE COUNTY, Arizona (ABC4 News, St. George News) – A father and his son walked over 20 miles looking for help after they say their GPS gave them bad directions, according to St. George News.

The entire story unfolded after a family of five wanted to stop to see the Grand Canyon on their way home from a vacationing in California. Using a GPS app on their phone, they were inadvertently directed to unpaved backcountry roads along the Arizona Strip.

Mohave county Sheriff’s emergency dispatch then received a call the night of Jan 6 from a man who said they were stranded after their car got stuck in the mud somewhere outside of St. George, in a remote area. Due to the cell service in the area, they were unable to give them an exact location.

After multiple attempts to dislodge the tires from the mud, the man and his son set out to get help, leaving his wife and two younger children behind.

The two walked over 20 miles throughout the night on foot before finding cell reception where they were able to call for help.

After determining the duo was in the area of Lime Kiln Canyon, on the Arizona Strip, a deputy in Mesquite responded and was able to located them.

Rangers determined the wife and her two kids were near the Black Rock Mountain between Cougar Spring and Maple Canyon. When they arrived in the area, they found the footprints of the two men and were able to follow them until they found the rest of the family.

The 20-mile trek the two covered has been deemed nothing short of a miracle by authorities.

All of the family was treated for dehydration and expected to make a full recovery.

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