WASHINGTON COUNTY, Utah (ABC4) — The Washington County Sheriff’s Office has received multiple reports of sounds of explosions that have caused houses throughout the county to rattle over the course of the last week.

“We have been hearing some concerns with the sounds of explosions and “booms” that are rattling whole houses in Washington County this last week,” a release states.

Deputies believed the sounds were coming from the Nellis Air Force Base, and reached out to the base for information.

After receiving clearance, officials at the base released the following statement:

Although there are other exercises that are happening within the Utah Test and Training Range, there is potential that our Weapons School exercises could be one of the causes of the loud noises.

From Nov. 2 – Dec. 12, 2023, Nellis Air Force Base is sponsoring a Large Force Exercise involving DoD’s premiere training asset — U.S. Air Force Weapons School. Up to 80 aircraft will fly two missions per day within both the Nevada Test & Training Range (NTTR) and Utah Test & Training Range airspaces. The increase in flight operations also brings about increased frequency of aircraft noise and the possibility of sonic booms. Additionally, seasonal colder air temperatures can cause aircraft noises to disperse more slowly within NTTR airspace.

Authorities said the “booms” could be going on for a few more weeks.

“Let us know if you have any more concerns, but expect those windows to rattle!” the sheriff’s office stated.

No further information is available at this time.