LAKE POWELL, Utah (ABC4) – Since 2001 the water levels of Lake Powell have slowly gone down due to climate change and drought. Although shorelines change every year due to weather, this is the lowest the water has ever been.

What does that mean? Most of the boat ramps at Lake Powell were built in the ’60s when the water level was nearing its fullest.

Now that the water levels have dropped so dramatically, most of these boat ramps lie dormant, meters away from the edge of the water.

As of March 31, 2022, out of all 15 boat ramps in Lake Powell, only one is available to all vessels — Wahweap Stateline Auxiliary Launch.

Lake Powell is working quickly to build other boat ramps in time for the summer rush. For now, Lake Powell is asking visitors to plan ahead and prepare for longer lines, limited parking and congestion at boat ramps and docks.

Another warning to visitors: Boaters should be aware that as water levels drop, channels may narrow leading to increased boat congestion. Boaters should exercise caution in all areas of Lake Powell.

To view the current status of Lake Powell, click here.