CEDAR CITY, Utah (ABC4) — Cedar City experienced widespread flooding in the north end of the city today, Aug. 17, and the flood risk may not be over yet.

Cedar City authorities worked to drain the water as it filled streets and flooded homes due to today’s storms. One resident, David Simpson, spent part of his day helping his boss in what he called a “pretty devastating” flooding situation.

(Courtesy of Chris Holmes)

When he arrived at his boss’s home, Simpson said he had to wade through knee-deep water that covered the entire street.

Simpson said he saw multiple authorities arrive with sandbags and tractors to help clean up the area and homeowners getting things out of their houses and garages. He also said he saw one Chevrolet Camaro towed out of water that reached its hood.

Simpson said he left to get sandbags but by the time he returned, the street had been drained of water. While authorities managed to get the flood in control, Simpson expects the damage will be “immense.”

“It was pretty devastating, it’s going to take a long recovery, and a lot of the houses are probably ruined,” he said.

Police posted an announcement warning the public to avoid the area around 4:15 p.m. They also said anyone experiencing an emergency can call 9-1-1 and get sandbags from the Public Works Building or the Iron County Animal Shelter.

“Please check with your neighbors and those who may need assistance during this time,” police said.

ABC4’s Chief Meteorologist Alana Brophy said the severe storm pattern and flash flood warning are “not going anywhere” in today’s FastCast. Strong storms are expected to continue into tomorrow and a flood watch has been posted for the southern part of the state.

“Low-lying areas are not where you want to be as we close out the work week,” Brophy said.

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