IRON COUNTY, Utah (ABC4) – Iron County has extended its early voting program after mail-in ballots became delayed in the delivery process.

Iron County voters will be able to submit early votes at the Courthouse located at 68 South 100 East in Parowan starting Friday, Oct. 28 at 7 a.m. or at the City Offices building at 10 North Main Street in Cedar City beginning Tuesday, Nov. 1 at 8 a.m.

For those still wanting to submit their votes through mail-in ballots, the United States Postal Service said ballots should arrive in voter mailboxes by Saturday or Monday.

“Statutorily, we can mail out ballots between 21 and seven days before an election. This year, that means Oct. 18 through Nov. 2.,” said Iron County Clerk Jon Whittaker. “We will be able to meet the statute, but we are extremely frustrated and disappointed that we were not able to get ballots out earlier for this important election.”

Iron County advises voters to submit their votes as soon as they receive their ballots by mailing it or taking it to any of the following drop box locations:

  • Cedar City Offices -10 N Main, Cedar City, UT  
  • Iron County Courthouse – 68 S 100 E, Parowan, UT 
  • Enoch City Offices – 900 East Midvalley Road, Enoch, UT 
  • Paragonah Town Hall – 44 N 100 E, Paragonah, UT 
  • Kanarraville Town Hall – 40 S Main, Kanarraville, UT 
  • Parowan City Office – 35 E 100 N, Parowan, UT  
  • Brian Head Town Hall – 56 North Highway 143, Brian Head, UT  
  • Dixie Power – 71 E Highway 56, Beryl, UT
  • Any Vote Center on Election Day (Cedar Offices, 10 N Main; Enoch Offices, 900 E Midvalley; Courthouse, 68 S 100 E, Parowan)

Whittaker said in a statement that the ballots were more delayed than they were told. Whittaker said in a statement that Iron County sent its database to its printer on Sept. 19. The printer reportedly prepared the ballots and sent them to a shipping company in Las Vegas for mail ordering on Oct. 14.

“Without telling either our printer or Iron County, [the shipping company] sent the ballots to their Dallas facility on Oct. 20,” Whittaker said. “[The shipping company] then sent them by truck to the Salt Lake Post Office. They entered the mail stream with over 3,000 other trays of mail (roughly 1,000,000 other pieces of mail). There are several aspects of what happened that are inappropriate. We will no longer employ that printer.”

Iron County is also advising voters to take precautions to avoid any pitfalls such as signing the affidavit. If voters mail the ballot on Nov. 7, voters should get a hand cancellation stamp, as all mail goes to Provo to be date stamped and may not count if it is dropped in the mail without a hand stamp and any proof of being sent by Nov. 7.

If there is any doubt, or if voters want to submit a ballot on Election Day, they should take their ballots to a drop box location before 8 p.m. on Tuesday, Nov. 8.

“Again, we sincerely apologize for any challenges this situation has caused,” said Whittaker.