IRON COUNTY, Utah (ABC4) — Two individuals are in custody after a ‘high-risk’ stop of a stolen vehicle shut down both sides of the I-15 around 6 p.m. on Dec. 31, according to Utah Highway Patrol.

UHP was informed that a stolen vehicle with potentially armed and dangerous individuals was coming from the Las Vegas area and located it at milepost 52 on the I-15 heading northbound. The vehicle was found using tracking technology from the dealership that owned the vehicle, according to officials.

Officials said the driver initially accelerated as UHP troopers attempted to stop the vehicle but eventually pulled to the side. The two individuals in the vehicle, a male and a female, continued to be non-compliant by refusing to come out of the vehicle at the command of the officers. When the suspects finally exited the vehicle, they refused to follow the officers’ subsequent orders leading the SWAT team to tase the male in order to take them into custody.

The Iron County Metro SWAT team, UHP troopers, and a helicopter from the Department of Public Safety all participated in stopping the vehicle.

Both individuals are now in custody and the I-15 has reopened in both directions. The identities of those in the car have not been made public.