RICHFIELD, Utah (ABC4) — People say golf can be enjoyed at any age, and ABC4 found a golfer in Richfield who is a shining example.

Lujean Ogden, 99, started golfing when she was 54 years old after her husband passed away. And 2 days away from her 100th birthday, she’s still playing.

When ABC4 asked what attracted her to the game of golf, Ogden said “fresh air, sunshine,” and that it is “fun to be outside.” And since she began playing, she just never stopped.

Even though Ogden started golfing later in life, she has made her mark. Ogden has an impressive hole-in-one on her record, and she participated on the Cove View women’s traveling team. Ogden and her sister were reportedly known as the “hit-and-go girls.”

“I remember coming out and Lujean and her sister would be out here and they were just ripping through Cove View,” Mike Jorgenson, former president of the Utah Golf Association said. “They’d hit it and they’d go.”

When ABC4 asked her if she had a group of friends she plays with, Ogden replied, “Not anymore, they’ve all died!”

These days, Ogden said she only plays with her family. She has four kids, 18 grandchildren, and 47 great-grandchildren. Ogden’s daughter Liz Freestone said their family likes to play because they like to spend time with her. And Freestone said Ogden still hits pretty well, “always in the middle, never off in the rough.”

When ABC4 asked Ogden if she ever shot a score that matched her age and she said, “Lots of times we don’t keep score!” She said she still enjoys it, even when she doesn’t hit it how she wants to, “I enjoy every minute, but I cuss a little bit on the course. Sometimes it doesn’t go where I want it to.”

Todd Mullen, the head pro at Cove View Golf Course said Ogden is an inspiration to everyone. “She made a par on #2 the other day. It’s amazing that she’s 100 years old and she can still play golf and it is an inspiration for all of us.”

Ogden’s family will celebrate her 100th birthday Saturday with a golf tournament at Cove View. 52 of her family members will reportedly be there.

When asked if she planned to do this next year, she said, “You can’t plan on a thing when you’re this age, you just go along with it. But I love to golf.”