GARFIELD COUNTY, Utah (ABC4) — A fire that started earlier this week near the east end of Boulder Mountain has grown to the size of about two acres, according to Utah Fire Info.

The fire, called Steep Creek Fire, was reportedly started by a lightning strike on Thursday, Sept. 14. The fire is at 0% containment, according to Utah Fire Info.

The fire is located near State Highway 12 and officials said that while fire and smoke are visible from the highway, the highway is not threatened and will remain open. There are no structures at risk, according to Utah Fire Info.

However, Utah Fire Info asks that people remain cautious while traveling on that part of the highway, as people may experience lower visibility due to the smoke.

The Forest Service is reportedly planning on using a confine strategy to tackle the fire, meaning they will use tactical actions to manage the fire within a predetermined area and then use points to stop the fire’s spread.

The service said it will restrict the wildfire to a confined area of approximately 2,000 acres by using natural barriers and fire-resistant green vegetation. Additionally, the service said it plans to burn the area to improve the ponderosa pine ecosystem by reducing ground and latter fuels.

This will reportedly ensure firefighter and public safety as the highest priority, as well as introduce fire into the ponderosa pine landscape, according to Utah Fire Info.

Currently, there are 39 personnel working on the fire, including one hot shot crew, one engine, two squads of firefighters, and miscellaneous support, according to Utah Fire Info.

The Forest Service said they want to minimize the duration of the confine strategy and potential disruptions to the upcoming hunting season. The service hopes to complete burning operations by Wednesday, Sept. 20, according to Utah Fire Info.