ST. GEORGE, Utah (ABC4) — A former Snow Canyon High School basketball star is getting looks for his performance at the bowling alley recently, according to The Spectrum.

The former ball player, Joseph Graham, reportedly used to be a standout shooter at Snow Canyon, making 17 consecutive free throws in one game against Canyon View High.

Nowadays, he’s making waves at St. George bowling alleys.

In summer league play at the Dixie Bowl, Graham made a career-first 300 game, bowling 12 strikes in a row to accomplish the feat, according to The Spectrum.

Graham reportedly has a powerful two-handed delivery, demonstrating almost perfect bowling mechanics. In his first two seasons of bowling, Graham put up a 795 series, 299 game, and multiple 279 games with 11 strikes.

In fact, Graham’s average has been a score of 219 over 87 games in his rookie season, and a score of 216 over 81 games in the following season, according to The Spectrum.

Graham is said to be one of the best young bowlers in Utah in recent years.