Former Enoch City police officer has license suspended; council rules use of force was unjustified

Southern Utah

ENOCH CITY (ABC4 News) – The license of a former Enoch City police officer has been suspended for four years after a council ruled his use of force was not justified when he shot a woman during a confrontation in Parowan last year.

Police body camera video shows Cpl. Jeremy Dunn responding to the scene of a burglary call in June of 2018. According to the footage, Dunn encountered a female suspect, Ivonne Casimiro, who had a screwdriver and refused commands to put it down. After deploying his taser twice with no visible effect, Dunn aimed his gun at Casimiro and fired three shots, striking her twice in the knee.

The Utah Peace Officers Standards and Training Council suspended Dunn’s license last Wednesday, upholding an administrative judge’s ruling that found “Dunn’s use of deadly force was not justified and constituted aggravated assault.” The judge said Casimiro was not an immediate threat to Dunn, the Parowan officer also on scene, or civilians.

Dunn admitted to the POST council that he strayed away from his training that advises Utah police to aim for the center of the body if they plan to shoot a suspect. The officer told the council he hoped to save her life by shooting her in the knee.

Enoch City Police told ABC4 News they’re not rejecting the judge’s ruling, but they’re standing behind their original decision that Dunn followed department policy. The Enoch City Use of Force Review Board’s decision was released at the same time Iron County prosecutors ruled Dunn’s use of force was not legally justified.

“The idea of an officer being in a situation like Dunn was, it’s hard for us to judge,” Enoch City Manager Rob Dotson said, who represented Enoch City Police in an interview. “Although he did shoot an individual and stopped the intended idea of this person shooting someone else, we had to look at the situation from our policy standpoint as a review board.”

“We can only go with the direction we did. Dunn did what he thought was best at the time in a complex situation with many variables, and we look at it from many perspectives, one of which is the officer’s personal experience,” he added.

Dotson said Dunn was placed on administrative leave immediately, and the officer resigned in February.

The city manager added Enoch City will always back and support its police, adding that the municipality believes in second chances if any of its officers were to have their license suspended and become re-certified.

“We support those who put themselves in danger many, many times at any instance during the day,” Dotson said. “In this case, we highly respect Jeremy Dunn.”

“If any had been able to see his interview with investigators, [Dunn’s] intelligence, ability to remember details of what happened, and thought process through it— he’s highly intelligent.”

Dunn will not face criminal charges, the council concluded.


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