ENOCH, Utah (ABC4) – People from all over Iron County are coming together to help clean-up after flash floods damaged more than 200 homes, mostly in basements and first-level of houses.

David Forsman and his family are cleaning up after flash floods hit their Enoch home.

“We live in a desert, so this is something we weren’t planning for, we don’t live next to the Mississippi where it floods regularly, so it was not something that we expected,” says Forsman.

He says the sewage drain near his house got backed up, moving water into their basement.

“We had rain on Monday and we didn’t have any flooding then, we didn’t have any sewer issues then, so I honesty was not expecting it to be coming in through the sewer,” he says.

Forsman says everything in their basement is gone, including their children’s bedrooms.

“We’ve got four kids, and we’ve only got one bedroom upstairs, so it’s going to be hard figuring out where to put everyone,” he says.

Video shows just how bad the roads were in Enoch on Sunday. But today, residents are overcome by emotion, seeing how locals are stepping in to help.

“They’re coming out and spending their day, they’re taking their day off work to come and help their neighbors, and it’s just really touching,” says Forsman.

The mayor of Enoch says the city is assessing damage to see if they can get funding after Iron County’s Emergency Declaration.

“Families have suffered sewer damage there is a way for them to notify us on the city website, and there may be some mechanisms in place, that we’re working on right now to put in place where they may be able to get some financial recovery,” says Geoffrey Chesnut, the mayor of Enoch.

The Enoch mayor says many of these repairs will need to come out of pocket for residents.

Iron County is asking for volunteers, as they continue clean-up. There is also a GoFundMe to help those impacted by these storms.