Enoch farmer fears more flash flooding is on the way

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ENOCH, Utah (ABC4) – Paul Nelson is still cleaning up debris after four flash floods hit his farm back-to-back in the same week, near Old Highway 91 and Fiddlers Canyon in Enoch.

“Trash and debris got into some field fences we had and pushed them over, went on down across our, I just planted the field with some summer three-way in it, and it washed away the seed and the topsoil off of that,” says Nelson.

Nelson says he’s looking at thousands of dollars worth of damage and acres of topsoil that he won’t be able to use again. He also has to replace fences that were torn down by water, as he fears he could lose animals to the nearby highway.

“Loss of sleep is a big thing just worrying about it, and then just the man hours and the equipment to get this cleaned up like we have, it’s just like it all comes out of the profit, so it’s just going to be a lower profit margin for us,” he says.

With more flash flooding on the way, Nelson says he’s hoping it won’t be as bad next time.

“This has only happened like three or four times in my lifetime, I’m 70 plus years old, so it only happens every 15 or 20 years, so odds are the storm that’s coming later on this week, won’t cause any damage,” he says.

Nelson says with this irrigation ditch and being right on the frontline where water pours through, he’ll put use to the remaining dirt as pasture for his animals.

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