Emergency management crews prepared in event of flooding as storms move through Southern Utah

Southern Utah
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ST. GEORGE (ABC4 News) – As storms move through Southern Utah, bringing potentially heavy and sustained rain for several days, emergency management crews in St. George say they’re prepared in the event of flooding.

City officials tell ABC4 News they’re always on the lookout for any flash flood watches, adding that flooding can occur during several days of sustained rain or due to winter snowmelt — and want the public to be prepared in the case of an emergency.

City engineer Jay Sandberg said crews have been working on several projects along rivers, including the Fort Pierce Wash and the Virgin River, to clear out channels, improve water flow, and repair areas damaged by previous floods.

For those in flood-prone areas, the city wants to remind residents to purchase flood insurance.

“We feel like that’s a good measure to take to protect from flooding and also give residents some peace of mind,” said Sandberg.

The public is advised to have an emergency preparedness kit and create an evacuation plan — and homeowners should consider de-cluttering drains and gutters, installing check valves, and even considering a sump pump with a battery.

In the event of a major flood event, crews say to pay close attention to road closures, and above all, never enter floodwaters.

Experts say just one foot of moving water can sweep vehicles away and puts the public at risk of being exposed to debris and contaminated waters.


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