Eagle Scout rallies community for cemetery improvement project

Southern Utah

ST. GEORGE, Utah (ABC4 News) – A 14-year-old Eagle Scout from St. George took it upon himself to lift and level headstones in a cemetery that have settled in the ground over the years.

Andrew Wyckoff carried out the project on Saturday, September 7 at the St. George cemetery according to a neighbor who told ABC4 News about the project.

Wyckoff’s mother said it took him about 136 hours to plan, meet the cemetery works, get the word out and actually carry out the work of lifting and leveling the headstones.

Fifty-eight people reportedly worked with Wyckoff on the project. Of that number, 41 helped Wyckoff at the cemetery and 17 brought breakfast, refreshments, and drinks.

In total, 44 headstones were lifted and leveled.

Wyckoff’s Youth church group plans to lift and level more headstones.

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