IRON COUNTY, Utah (ABC4) – Iron County Sheriff’s Search & Rescue (ICSSAR) volunteers, along with a Sheriff’s Deputy, saved a family that was stuck in the snow after their side-by-side was trapped and immobile in freezing weather.

At 6:15 p.m. Sunday, Nov. 27, ICSSAR volunteers received a call-out with coordinates of a reported side-by-side that was stuck on Lower Basin Rd. in Shurtz Cyn.

The report also included that the occupants were a man and his two sons.

16 volunteers and one deputy responded to the incident, as their team staged off Old Hwy. 91 and used two ICSSAR side-by-sides and one volunteer’s personally owned side-by-side, which was reportedly “fully covered to protect occupants from traitorous weather conditions.”

The team was able to reach the stranded individuals about six miles up Lower Basin Rd. before they assessed the situation and began clearing the side-by-side.

The kids were moved to another side-by-side that was covered to keep them warm, while the team used snow shovels to dig an eight-foot path out of the area. The team then used a tow cord to pull the vehicle out of the snow.

ICSSAR states, “Please be aware our team’s priority is to rescue people, not vehicles.” They say that it is up to the responding team’s discretion if they can clear a vehicle from a precarious situation and feel comfortable with the occupant transporting the vehicle safely out of the area. Otherwise, the team will reportedly ensure the safety of the person by transporting them and allowing them to coordinate retrieval of the vehicle when road conditions improve.

The wife and mom of the stranded individuals drove her truck as far as possible up the road, officials say, while the ICSSAR team drove down to her, then helped to get the kids into her warm truck and back down the mountain.

“It was a very cold night dropping down to 26 degrees with heavy winds,” ICSSAR states.

The mission reportedly concluded at 10:30 p.m. Their team has also released drone footage of the incident.

ICSSAR is a non-profit, fully volunteered arm of the Iron County Sheriff’s Office that donates services and time for the exclusive commitment of helping anyone in need.