ST. GEORGE, Utah (ABC4) — A St. George family is putting a new twist on Christmas. 

The Comstocks told ABC4 the holiday is more about the experience and less about the things, so they want to make sure the kids get that message.

For the past 10 years, Brandon Comstock and his wife, Carleen, have challenged their five children to sneak up to the Christmas tree and open their presents without waking them up. 

“So when we got married it was one of those things, it was my favorite, but he took it to a whole new level and did a lot more booby traps that were more intense than growing up but we put our spin on it,” said Carleen.

Each of those years they’ve set up what they call elaborate Christmas traps to make sure they don’t miss a thing.

It’s as if Mission Impossible met the Quiet Game. 

Carleen and Brandon Comstock say they got the idea from Carleen’s family who has been doing it even longer. They love that the kids work together as a team, for example, the older boys are helping the girls through a hole in the wall. 

The goal is for the Comstock five kids to get through the maze which includes a laser maze, noise makers, and hidden codes that can only be seen with a blacklight, without waking up their parents. 

The prize is to get their Christmas presents. 

If they’re caught they’re supposed to go back to their rooms, but at the end of the day, Brandon and Carleen say they love watching the surveillance video and get a kick out of the kids trying to pass the maze. 

“Like in this year’s video, especially seeing the boys, the older kids step up and help the younger kids is a big parenting win for us,” said Brandon. 

Coleton, the designated leader of the kids and also the oldest said he looks forward to it every single year. 

“First thing you have to think about is what is going to be behind the door? said Coleton. “Is there going to be a wall? Is something going to be something attached to a string? You have to anticipate what is going to happen.” 

Brandon added he starts planning this in July and spends countless hours and hundreds of dollars every year. 

The kids said it takes them anywhere from twenty to forty-five minutes to finish it. 

“The thing is he gives away like no hints,” said Brookie. “So the entire time you are like ‘I wonder what’s going to happen’ because you have no clue at all.”

The Comstocks record the maze every single year and put it up on their YouTube. 

Brandon and Carleen Comstock call it the best 30 minutes of their year.

You can find videos of Comstock’s Christmas Traps from this year, 2021, 2020, and 2019 on the family’s YouTube channel.