WASHINGTON CITY  (ABC4 News)- People in one Washington City neighborhood are keeping a closer eye on their pets after one was hit with a blowgun dart. Now police are searching for suspects.

His owner Carrie Colvin says her children found their cat Pepper wounded Wednesday afternoon.

“He was howling and you could tell he was very uncomfortable. And of course, cats usually try to remove something themselves, and there was just no way he could remove that himself,” she said.

They took Pepper to the vet to remove the dart. 

Carrie says Pepper’s going to be okay. Still, an attack on him, Carrie says, is an attack on her family.

“It was very traumatic and emotional, especially for my son and my daughter,” she explained.

She says she’ll re-evaluate whether Pepper is allowed to roam outside as much. Police say they are investigating. It’s not the first time this has happened.

“We’ve had another cat that was targeted as well, uh last year, with the same type of dart,” Lt. Jason Williams with the Washington City Police Dept. said.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Washington City Police Dept. at (435) 986-1515.