CEDAR CITY, Utah (ABC4) — A man has been arrested for human smuggling in Iron County after a traffic stop allegedly led to him confessing to transporting people without passports, according to court documents.

A Utah Highway Patrol trooper said a grey SUV was driving on I-15 in Iron County when it began to drive over the left shoulder line “almost going into the median.” The UHP trooper performed a traffic stop to give a warning to the driver when the passenger told him the driver was “just helping drive.”

The passenger, Pascual Chan Paxtor, 18, allegedly told authorities the driver was his friend but did not know his name. The trooper took Paxtor to his patrol vehicle while working on a warning for the driver when Paxtor allegedly told him he was driving the eight occupants to Denver for them to work.

Paxtor then reportedly told authorities they did not have passports and he was being paid over $1,000 to drive them to Colorado.

Authorities said he then pulled out his business cards for different locations throughout the United States, including New York and Miami. Paxtor then allegedly said “he had made the business card for driving people that needed rides without passports and charged them different rates for different locations,” documents said.

Paxtor was arrested and is facing one charge of human smuggling, a second-degree felony. He was booked in the Iron County Jail on Tuesday, Aug. 22.