LA VERKIN (ABC4 News) –Three-year-old Marley Bergon says she always wanted to be a police officer in her hometown of La Verkin. When law enforcement found out she was battling stage four neuroblastoma, La Verkin Police Sgt. Amber Crouse decided to do something special.

“We live in a very small community. I’ve seen Marley around with her family taking walks, trips to the grocery store, at school, and she always just waved and smiled and was so sweet,” Crouse said. “One day I was talking to her dad and he told me that she has cancer, and it just broke my heart.

“I was talking to the family and asked if Marley would want to come be a police officer for the day, and she was so excited. She just smiled and screamed, ‘Yes, I want to!'” she added.

Sgt. Crouse said she picked Marley up from her house Wednesday morning and gave her a uniform. Students at La Verkin elementary school gathered to cheer Marley on as she rode along in the front of a police procession, which included La Verkin Police, Hurricane City Police, St. George Police, Division of Wildlife Resources, and the Washington County Sheriff’s Office.

“When we were driving past the elementary school, I said, ‘Look at all these people that are here for you, and she said, ‘They’re here to help me fight cancer and punch cancer in the face,'” Crouse said. “It’s amazing our law enforcement family. When we just told a few officers what we were doing, they all wanted to be a part of it.”

Marley’s mom Vanessa Bergon said her family had tears falling as soon as the sirens turned on.

“She was given a 40 to 60 percent chance, so we just wanted every day to be a happy day,” Bergon said. “She’s the sweetest person. She’s happy, enjoys life, and doesn’t take crap from anyone.”

After the procession, law enforcement stood behind Marley as La Verkin Police Chief Benjamin Lee swore her in.

“I promise to fight my cancer with all my might. To show courage and never give up until my cancer is gone,” Lee asked her.

Authorities said today is at the heart of their job: letting the family know they’re with them in this fight.

“We have her back. As she fights this fight, we’re with her all the way,” said La Verkin Police Department Victim Services Advocate Tiffany Mower.

The many activities La Verkin police planned for Wednesday include taking Marley to the dispatch center to talk on the radio, bringing her to a department meeting to eat a cinnamon roll at River Rock Roasting Company, and teaching her how to shoot a nerf gun at a local shooting range.

“That’s what I want to take away from all this — that we’re not alone in this,” Bergon added. “You know she’s been telling people, ‘I’m gonna give you a ticket. I won’t give you a ticket because I love you.'”