Hiker airlifted to hospital’s ICU after falling 30 feet at Snow Canyon State Park

Southern Utah

IVINS (ABC4 News) – Washington County Sheriff’s Search and Rescue teams say a hiker needed to be airlifted out of Snow Canyon State Park after she fell about 30 feet.

Sgt. Darrell Cashin told ABC4 News the 23-year-old was hiking with three friends Friday afternoon when she decided to scout a restricted area by herself. She lost her footing and found herself in a free fall, according to officials. Dispatchers received the call around 4:30 p.m. after her friends found her unconscious in the cliffs behind the campground.

“The temperatures started to drop as the sun went down, and she became hypothermic quickly,” Cashin said. “We were sending up every blanket we could possibly find to keep her warm. The longer we went, we noticed the harder time she was having staying conscious and maintaining her vitals.”

First responders said the weather was a big concern to the victim’s health. It was 50 degrees when the group started the hike, but once the sun went down, she was facing freezing temperatures. With a serious fall resulting in face and chest lacerations, Cashin decided she needed to be airlifted — quickly.

“If we could get a helicopter to land up there, we could carry her up to the top and put her in the helicopter and get her out,” Cashin said. “Then all we would have to do is get our rescuers out.”

Cashin said bringing the victim back down to the campground with ropes would’ve taken an extra 45 minutes — time he said emergency crews couldn’t risk. An hour later, she arrived at the hospital’s intensive care unit in serious condition with possible fractures and internal injuries. First responders believe she is likely now in serious but stable condition.

Washington County Sheriff’s Search and Rescue said the incident highlights the potential dangers of hiking alone and reflects how drastically temperatures can drop at night.

“We know you’re going to go out and have fun,” Cashin said. “Just be safe and be prepared when things go wrong.”


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