KANAB, Utah (ABC4) — Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Southern Utah rescued 20 dogs and seven cats from a seizure in New Mexico on Monday.

The animals were taken in by Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Southern Utah, after a sanctuary in New Mexico contacted them. According to an email from them, many of the dogs and cats had no place to go, as the sanctuary in New Mexico was at capacity.

In early March, a person in Deming County, New Mexico, reportedly came across dozens of dogs and cats in makeshift housing, with nobody appearing to be taking care of them. He immediately contacted the Deming Luna Humane Society in New Mexico.

“The cold, hungry dogs and cats [were] clamoring for attention,” the email stated.

Deming Luna Humane Society then contacted Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Kanab, Utah to ask if they could take them in.

“Deming Luna Humane Society is a Best Friends network partner and we work very closely with them,” said Ali Waszmer, director of Dogtown at the Sanctuary. “When Crystal, the shelter manager, sent me a video of the animals suffering in the desert, I immediately knew we needed to help.”

So on the evening of March 6, 10 of the dogs and seven of the cats were transferred to the Sanctuary. According to the email, there were dogs of all ages and sizes, and cats and kittens.

Some of the animals had abused conditions such as missing fur, scarring, and scabs around the face and body, but despite their condition, the email said they had great dispositions.

“They were all very friendly and so happy to be given attention,” Waszmer said. “Each pet will have a medical intake exam, be given any necessary vaccines, and also be assessed to see if any further veterinary care is necessary.”  

The email stated that Best Friends will make them available for adoption after a few weeks, once the staff gets to know the dogs and cats. To watch a video about the rescued dogs and cats, click this link.

“We’ll help find them great homes,” Waszmer said. 

Courtesy of Best Friends Animal Society

As many other shelters are struggling with high dog and cat populations across the country, such as the Sanctuary in New Mexico, Waszmer said you can contact your local animal welfare organization to see what they need.

“If you can, please foster or adopt a pet. Volunteering and donating are also very helpful.”

For more information about Best Friends or to find a local shelter near you, visit bestfriends.org.