MOAB, Utah (ABC4) — A man has been arrested after he allegedly assaulted two people using a knife and taser as they were walking their dogs in Moab earlier today, Apr. 22, according to the Moab City Police Department.

Two people were walking their dogs around 7 a.m. along a Millcreek near 100 South 200 West in Moab when they spotted a man by a campfire along the stream. They approached him to tell him campfires and camping are illegal within Moab City limits and continued on their walk, according to officials.

The suspect, Alex Kensell, 38, then allegedly grabbed his backpack and assaulted both individuals, first using a taser on the woman who then fell to the ground. He then reportedly began stabbing the female victim multiple times. Police say the other victim, a 53-year-old man, forced the suspect away from the woman to “create a distraction, causing the suspect to chase him.”

Authorities arrived on the scene arresting Kensell and providing emergency medical aid to the female victim. She was then transported to the Moab Regional Hospital in serious condition and flown to Utah Valley Hospital in Provo. She is currently in stable condition.

Police say “it is likely she would not have survived the attack if her friend hadn’t reacted so quickly and heroically.”

The victim who heroically saved his friend has requested to remain anonymous and has requested time to heal emotionally from this traumatic incident.

“The Moab City Police Department recognizes the negative impact an event like this has on our community,” it said in a press release. “We are also actively engaged with community leaders and service providers to find meaningful solutions and resources to address homelessness and mental health issues in Moab City.”

The police also said they “appreciate the awareness of our community and their attention to our state laws and city ordinances.” They say if you see violations of any kind to contact the Moab City Police Department.

Kensell was booked in the Grand County Jail. Authorities believe he is from out of the state and had recently arrived in Moab.