ST. GEORGE, Utah (ABC4) – Two individuals were arrested in possession of over 11 pounds of ketamine on I-15 late October, according to the Washington County Sheriff’s Office (WCSO).

Qun Lin, 25, and Jianwei Xu, 30, each face one charge of possession with intent to distribute a controlled substance (third-degree felony).

On October 28, a WCSO officer conducted a traffic stop on I-15 northbound near mile marker 21. The officer states that the stop was due to a left-lane travel violation as well as a signal violation.

According to a statement of probable cause, the vehicle was traveling around 75 mph “for a distance” in the left lane, in an area where the speed limit is 80 mph.

Upon stopping the vehicle, the officer became aware that neither the driver nor passenger knew how to speak English, and used Google Translate to communicate during the stop.

Xu, the owner of the vehicle, reportedly then gave permission for the officer to search the car.

While searching the trunk of the vehicle, the officer located a backpack hidden under the floorboard, inside the spare tire compartment. “The only thing in this backpack was a bag of dog food that had been opened and resealed by melting the top closed,” the affidavit states.

The officer says the bag, which was labeled as weighing seven pounds, felt “noticeably heavier” than seven pounds, and felt that the bag was overfull with “what felt like a powder substance.”

The officer then cut the bag open and found it to be full of smaller bags containing a white powder substance believed to Ketamine.

Xu claims he did not know anything about the suspected Ketamine and “did not know it was in his vehicle.”

Police say the charge includes intent to distribute based on the way the suspected Ketamine was packaged, with a total of eight bags (three large, five smaller), each labeled in weight by grams.

The affidavit states that the total weight of these combined bags was just over 11 pounds.

This incident will be screened for federal charges.