Southern Utah man dies after falling 60 feet


MOTOQUA (News4Utah) – A southern Utah man is dead after falling 60 feet. 

The Washington County Sheriff’s Office says the victim was from St. George. He was an avid outdoorsman with 25 years experience. He was climbing with a friend, but no one saw him fall. 

“[I] get concerned over my rescuers and their mental well being – being first responders and having to deal with traumatic scenes,” said Darrell Cashin, with Washington County Search and Rescue. 

 Fiorenzo Marino Antognini, 63, was climbing in a remote area near Motoqua. 

“The gentlemen that fell was doing what they call clearing, so he was over the site and he was clearing off loose rocks, down the rappel and the other gentlemen was over on another face actually setting anchors, and so they were not in actual visual contact … His friend who found him heard rocks stop falling, it had been a little while, and he went up and noticed the victim was not there.”

Life Flight was called in.

Life Flight actually landed on top of the plateau. They had a 15-minute hike, they got to him, I was at the bottom of the canyon. … They worked on him for about another 30 minutes. 

…”Disheartening when you feel like you have a chance and unfortunately we only have so much control and can only do so much,” said Cashin. 

In 2017, Washington County had 102 search and rescues. This year so far they’ve had 49. With Memorial Day Weekend coming up they ask everyone to take precautions. Take water and let someone know where you’re going. 

An autopsy will be performed to determine any medical issue that may have affected the fall, before determining the cause of death.

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