Southern Utah hosts Domestic Violence and Abuse Conference


IVINS (Good4Utah) – Just as the #MeToo movement helped abuse survivors speak up,  two women from St. George want to educate their community.

The conference is the first-of-its kind in southern Utah, and its founders say it’s time the community openly talks about domestic violence and abuse.

“Alicia was a varsity cheerleader in high school. Very well-loved. Very well known,” said her mother Leslie Browning.

 Alicia Scott was killed when she was 29 years old.

“Alicia was murdered by her husband of 12 years.  She always told me everything was good, and I never knew what was going on,” said Browning.

Browning has traveled from Texas to be part of southern Utah’s first-ever Domestic Violence and Abuse Conference, held at Tuacahn High School in Ivins.

“Trying to help others be educated on how to spot signs of domestic abuse in both the abuser and the victim,” said Browning.

“If it is happening, it’s not something we talk about, because of the shame behind it,” said Lisa Lee, a St. George therapist who helped plan the conference.

“The victim’s going to hide it no matter what,” said Browning.

The conference includes keynote speakers explaining why victims stay,  workshops on healing, therapy, and even yoga. 

“Today we had a Relief Society President that came, and I told her all about it and she said: ‘Oh my gosh, just that information alone would be helpful,” said Shareene Rice, Founder of the Domestic Violence and Abuse Conference.

“People need to know that it happens. Don’t Be quiet about it. Come out here and learn and be educated about it. Knowledge is power,” said Browning.

The conference goes all day Saturday, anyone is welcome, free of charge. 

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