ST. GEORGE, Utah (ABC4) – Fire managers are preparing for what could be another challenging season as they expect another year of record breaking outdoor recreation in Southern Utah.

“We’ve had some warmer than normal, drier than normal weather, we’ve had a very, very windy spring here and it has caused problems in multiple locations,” says Mike Melton, the Area Fire Management Officer for Southwest Utah with the Division of Forestry, Fire & State Lands.

Roadside fires, abandoned campfires and debris burning on private lands were the leading causes of human caused wildfires last year in Utah, according to officials.

Mike Melton says these steps can help prevent a fire: “not pulling off into the roadway and into tall grass, where they can ignite a fire with their exhaust system, making sure they have good tired, having blow outs running on the rim can cause sparks to shower onto the road causing fires, tighten up their trailer chains.”

Melton says if you put out a campfire, make sure it’s cold to the touch and clear vegetation that could ignite.

“The wind can fan those ashes back into being dangerous again, throwing sparks into the vegetation and causing a fire,” he says.

Melton says it’s important to keep water or a garden hose nearby in case a fire breaks out.

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