Southern Utah family expecting quintuplets


A southern Utah family of four is soon becoming a family of nine. The Scott family is expecting quintuplets. They discovered the shocking news at an ultrasound last month. 

“Are there more than two? And she nodded her head. And I said: Are there more than three? She said there’s four. There’s four. And then she kind of did one more pass around and again just takes a double-take at the screen and was again speechless and … she didn’t have to say anything, I just looked at her and said: There’s five, aren’t there?,” said Skyler Scott, the father-to-be of quintuplets. 

“Quintuplets. That gets some getting used to,” said Jamie Scott, mother-to-be of quintuplets. 

Skyler and Jamie had always wanted  one more child.

They decided to try fertility drugs under a doctors care. 

“So it didn’t work the first month, and then I did another round of the medicine, and it worked really well,” said Jamie.

Brothers 12-year-old Shayden and 7-year-old Landon are still adjusting to the news.

“I was excited and nervous at the same time. It was freaky,” said Shayden.

“wondering how we’re going to take care of them,” said 7-year-old  Landon. 

“Oh my gosh if it’s seven boys … I’m in trouble. There has to be at least one girl,” said Jamie. 

The high risk pregnancy will take a specialized doctor in Arizona to make sure they babies aren’t born too soon, and the neighborhood is prepping to help.

“The first day I’d say was shock. The second day I cried a lot and didn’t want to get out of bed just thinking about all of the what ifs,” said Jamie. 

Scared, overwhelmed, blessed. There’s been an abundance of emotions, but one thing they all feel…

“Every day I get to experiences these babies growing in me. That’s a miracle in and of itself,” said Jamie.

“The next big reveal: How many boys and girls? The Scotts find that out in January. 

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