South Salt Lake Amber Alert: What went wrong?


SOUTH SALT LAKE, Utah (ABC4 News) – Khaliyah Alvarez was found within hours of an Amber Alert, but how the information got out was fractured.

“The alert didn’t come through, it just had like Grey Toyota in a cryptic method,” says Executive Officer Gary Keller with the South Salt Lake Police Department.

The Amber Alert went out Wednesday night stating “gry Toyt.”

“When the Amber Alert went out on the alert system, I don’t know what happened,” he says.

Executive Officer Keller tells ABC4 News he’s in charge of South Salt Lake’s Amber Alert System.

“I was most concerned with the photos of the two parents Gabriel and Jasmine. So I was working it and the Amber Alert went off next to me. My phone is blowing up just as I’m hitting send to get it out to all the media,” he says.

So when the message about a ‘gry Toyt’ went out, he knew it was an error.

“That’s probably my fault because I should have been monitoring that,” says Ex. Ofc. Keller.

What worked well he says was the messaging on highways signs.

“We wish every Amber Alert would go flawlessly,” Ex. Ofc. Keller adds. “It did work to a degree but I would like to see something that’s very public-friendly and when it comes up you look at it and you got all the information right there.”

Once the information went out, in just over five hours 3-month-old Khaliyah Alvarez was found in Wyoming.

“There is a flaw in the system and we are going to determine what it was and how to correct it. And so, we will be ready next time,” says Ex. Ofc, Keller. “We want to do some type of training session where we can put some information in and see how it comes out and run the system.”

Within the next month, South Salt Lake Police Administrators will review the Amber Alert Process with other area departments and BCI to get a better handle on putting information out to the public.


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