Some Fruit Heights Residents Oppose Proposed Overpass


FRUIT HEIGHTS (ABC4 Utah News) -Some Fruit Heights residents fear a proposed overpass on Highway 89 will change their small Davis County community forever.

The Utah Department of Transportation says putting an overpass above Nicholls Road will alleviate traffic and increase safety but Rachel Bergeson says it will drop the value of her home located at the southeast corner of the intersection.

“The highest point is 25 feet high and the top of my home is 22 feet high,” Bergeson told ABC4 Utah News. “So I’m not going to have any views at all.”

Another resident, Jeanne Groberg, says her quiet street will become a frontage road for the new six lane highway.

“Freeway access traffic is about to find an alternate route right past my front door,” Groberg said.

And Jeremy Canter of the group Finer Fruit Heights worries about safety.

“If you raise a road 25 feet in the air, increase the speed limit you’re going to end up with a car launching off into somebody’s backyard, into somebody’s kitchenette, into somebody’s roof,” Canter said.

Another potential problem is that residents of this neighborhood will no longer have direct access to Highway 89.

“This intersection at Nicholls and 89 is the only access, the only intersection we have for Fruit Heights,” Canter said. “We’re talking at its current proposed plan a four to five story wall right where we’re standing that is a major infrastructure change in a dynamic way in which people enjoy their homes and properties.”

UDOT apparently listened, pushing back the project in order to do more studies,according to Region One spokesperson Vic Saunders.

“We heard some concerns. We said ‘What can we do about these?’,” Saunders said Monday. “We decided rather than force an idea that maybe wouldn’t be accepted to step back and look for other ideas that meet our transportation needs but also meet the needs of the local residents.”

UDOT expects the results of their new study in July.

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