Social media habits changing during pandemic


(CNN) – It’s a way to stay connected, to share pictures and to give friends and family a glimpse into your day. But social media has a dark side and it’s coming out in full force lately.

Here are some tips on how to handle your outrage over social media.

That’s why Ken Yeager and his colleagues at Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center decided to do a survey. Of 2,000 Americans polled, 56% changed their patterns on social media because of tension from current events.

Ken Yeager, “Which was a number much higher than we ever thought we’d see. It’s really amazing to us just how much angst there is on social media.” Three in ten Americans surveyed spent more time on social media, while one in five said they were limiting their time online.

“They were trying to minimize the amount of negativity they were getting by blocking people in social media,” said Yeager.

If you can’t find serenity on social media, Yeager, who specializes in mental health says to give yourself some time to walk away from it. Get stuff done around the house or go outside to clear your mind. When you do go back to those posts give yourself a time limit and think critically about what you’re seeing.

“Just because it ended up in print or in writing somewhere doesn’t necessarily mean it’s accurate or correct,” said Yeager. According to Statistca, this year, an estimated three-point-six billion people were using social media worldwide.

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