CEDAR CITY, Utah (ABC4) – A Cedar City family business is closing due to the supply chain shortage and inflation.

“I make sure I come here at least once a week, since they opened up, I’ve known them since quite a while,” says Peter Seegrist of Enoch.

Seegrist is a loyal customer at the Notorious D.O.G. House in Cedar City and Wednesday will likely be his last day enjoying one of their notorious dogs.

“It’s tough to be a mom-and-pop shop in 2021,” says Scott Johnson.

Owner Scott Johnson says he and his father opened mid-pandemic.

“Till now it’s been manageable, we finally have hit a point between inflation and shortages where we can’t operate anymore,” he says.

Johnson says they can’t get affordable hot dogs and can’t get condiments on a commercial scale, forcing them to permanently close this week.

“I put everything I had into this, it’s always a huge risk to start a business and it’s tough and it’s frustrating when there’s nothing in your control that you can do anymore,” says Johnson.

He says they’ve lost their bun distributor and prices have nearly doubled for many of the items they need to operate.

“We don’t order on the scale that major chains do, we don’t order on the scale major restaurants do, so we know we come last,” he says.

After Iron County residents heard about their closing, it’s been a busy day.

“We had to close early today, because Cedar City came out for us again and we’ve run out of chili, we’ve run out of pretty much everything, we’ll be cranking overnight to get it back up and going so we can finish up with the hot dogs we have left,” says Johnson.

Saying thanks to loyal customers like Seegrist and anticipating Thursday will be their last day.

“No idea what the future holds, right now it’s jumping back into the job pool, hopefully we can sell some of the equipment, help us through the next couple of months, but with the state of the U.S. and the supply chain and everything else, it’s play it by ear, that’s all we can do right now,” says Johnson.