(ABC4) – Snail mail could be getting even slower this summer.

The U.S. Postal Service (USPS) considers first-class packages to be late if they are delivered more than three days after shipment. Under new standards beginning in May, packages will be considered on time if they arrive in four or five days.

The USPS recently lost over $9.2 billion during 2020. A loss of $4.9 billion was reported in 2021. In order to save money, the company will rely more on ground transportation rather than using air transport.

“The Postal Service is continually looking for ways to improve performance and provide customers with consistent, cost-effective, and reliable service,” USPS spokesperson Kim Frum told NPR. “Modifying service standards would allow for additional transport time and increased efficiencies across the networks.”

The USPS doesn’t receive money from taxpayers but rather, relies on the cost of stamps and packages to fund its operations. Since mail volume has generally decreased each year, this has raised the standard price of mail.

A first-class stamp is being raised from 58 cents to 60 cents beginning in July this year. This time last year, a stamp was 55 cents.

It’s not just stamps that are getting a price raise — USPS announced they would be increasing the price of postcards, international stamps, and any letters that are over 1 oz. starting July 10, 2022.

To see a list of the increased prices for all mailing options, click here.