SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4 News) – Two new pieces of video footage show the moment ABC4 News Investigative Reporter Jason Nguyen is hit by a large firework at the May 30th Salt Lake City Protest turned riot.

Salt Lake City Police is investigating the case. Detectives say they are going through four terabytes worth of video from the protest/riot on 400 South and 200 East.

“As we go through it, trying to identify these individuals and bring some justice to people,” said Detective Greg Wilking. “In your particular case, the mortar that was thrown, the fireworks that were thrown, these were clearly brought in from somewhere. Fireworks weren’t for sale at that particular time.”

The explosion happened on live television at 8:50 pm.

Det. Wilking’s adds, “There were people geared up for a fight, and clearly with the projectile they threw, that you were injured by, that shows there was some preplanning involved.”

Newly released body camera footage from Davis County Sheriff’s Office Sergent and Paramedic Christoper Pope shows the explosion.

Body Camera Footage of firework explosion hit ABC4 News Investigator Jason Nguyen

“My ears were ringing, it was very shocking to me and before I knew it, I saw you running right toward me,” Sgt. Pope tells Nguyen. “I was surprised that, that big of an injury had gone through your pants. I was in shock about that.”

Nguyen went back to reporting because of Sgt. Pope and the other officer’s quick reaction.

His doctor tells him he’ll continue to have ringing in his ears, suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder because of the explosion, and will have a forever scar on the back of his leg.

Det. Wilking’s adds, “These [fireworks] were clearly brought in from somewhere. Fireworks weren’t for sale at that particular time.”

ABC4 News obtained exclusive video of the person who threw the firework in your upper left-hand corner, wearing a red hat and white shirt.

He is still out there. If you know who he is, Salt Lake City Police would like to hear from you.

Jason Nguyen
Jason Nguyen is an award-winning reporter and photojournalist who is back with ABC4 News as the lead reporter on Good Morning Utah, bringing over a decade of news experience to the team.
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