SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) – Police have released bodycam footage of a fatal officer-involved shooting that left one man dead.

Salt Lake City Police (SLCPD) says the fatal incident happened on March 26, 2022 on 220 South Orange Street in Salt Lake City.

Police first received reports of the suspect seen standing in the middle of a road, allegedly pointing a gun at people near the northbound I-15 off-ramp leading to 600 South.

Officers were told the man was allegedly holding a 9mm pistol and shots were heard being fired, although police say no injuries were reported. The suspect was also driving a vehicle he had stolen from two other men.

As police were pursuing the suspect, he eventually crashed the stolen vehicle in an industrial area near 220 South Orange Street. Police say the suspect remained inside the vehicle as two officers pulled up near the man’s car.

Released bodycam footage shows the two officers pulling up near the suspect’s car and exchanging gunfire while verbally telling the man to “Show me your hands!” and “Drop the gun!”

While the officers took cover behind their patrol cars, police say the suspect exited his vehicle and started running towards the officers while holding a firearm in his right hand.

The officers are seen continually firing their weapons as the suspect is hit and falls to the ground. As the man is lying on the ground, officers worked to remove the handgun from his reach before administering life-saving measures.

Police say medical services were rendered for around 15-20 minutes before the suspect was pronounced dead at the scene.

“This was a very dynamic, dangerous and traumatic situation for everyone, but I am proud of our officers for the way they protected each other and our community when faced with an unimaginable and deadly situation,” says SLCPD Chief Mike Brown. ‘Our officers performed with great courage, tactics and professionalism while under fire in a life-threatening situation. Their will to survive and dedication to protecting each other and our community under stress is extraordinary. I look forward to their return to work after the investigations are complete.”

(Warning: Videos below contain graphic content)

Bodycam footage – Officer 1

(Courtesy of SLCPD)

Bodycam footage – Officer 2

(Courtesy of SLCPD)