SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) – With a top-tier NBA team like the Utah Jazz, it goes without saying that Salt Lake City is one of the nation’s greatest cities for basketball fans.

With March Madness now behind us, Wallethub dove deep into the country’s basketball scene and found that Salt Lake City is 2022’s third best city for basketball fans.

The study compared over 290 of the nation’s largest cities and focused on 21 key metrics, ranging from the performance of each city’s NBA team to the amount of college basketball fan engagement.

The study revealed the following about Salt Lake City’s basketball scene (1 = best, 147 = average):

  • 2nd – Performance Level of NBA Team(s)
  • 7th – Avg. Ticket Price for NBA Game
  • 4th – Minimum Season-Ticket Price for NCAA Div. 1 Basketball Game
  • 1st – NBA Stadium Capacity
  • 16th – Number of NCAA Div. 1 Basketball Championship Wins
  • 1st – NBA Attendance
  • 1st – NBA Fan Engagement
  • 111th – College Basketball Fan Engagement

Similarly, the study found that the country’s overall top five best cities for basketball fans are Los Angeles (1), Boston (2), Salt Lake City (3), San Francisco (4), and Philadelphia (5), while the county’s worst city for basketball fans is East Lansing, Michigan.

To view the full study, click here.