ROCKY RIDGE, Utah (ABC4) – A man is in custody after allegedly breaking into a church and stealing checks from tithing boxes with two others.

David Moroni Raynor, 19, turned himself in to officials with the Juab County Jail on April 23 for crimes that date back to April 13. 

According to police records, video surveillance of the church showed three suspects.

As noted in the affidavit, initially two of the three suspects entered the church in Rocky Ridge. After being unsuccessful in breaking into the boxes they allegedly left the church in a car and returned with one other suspect. From there police records state that they all entered the building again. After struggling to open the boxes, one of the suspects retrieved a fire extinguisher from the wall and bashed the metal boxes inside the church. All three suspects allegedly attempted to break into various boxes. 

In speaking with law enforcement, Raynor disclosed that multiple checks, envelopes, and items were stolen amongst the three. 

Deputies were able to identify the other two suspects as 18-year-old Fayzan Ali and 20-year-old Pole Singoma from Salt Lake City. 

Raynor has since been booked into the Juab County Jail on multiple counts of theft and burglary.