SALT LAKE COUNTY (ABC4) – A Salt Lake County resident considered to be the main suspect in a child pornography case that involved the confiscation of several childlike sex dolls pleaded guilty to Sexual Exploitation of a Minor back in January and was sentenced to prison on July 14. 

Matthew Lowe, 46, was initially charged with 20 counts of Sexual Exploitation of a Minor, a Second Degree Felony, on January 10. Lowe pleaded guilty to six of the charges, and the 3rd District Court of Salt Lake dismissed the remaining 14. On Thursday, Lowe was sentenced to one to 15 years for each of his six counts in Salt Lake County Jail by Judge Paul B. Parker. According to the charging documents, these sentences are to be served all at once. 

Lowes crimes date back to February of 2021 when an unknown social media company reported that an individual had utilized their platform to upload an distribute at least 39 files containing child pornography. Police records state that the owner of the IP address in question was reported to live in the Salt Lake area. A mobile phone company later confirmed Lowe as the owner of the device and social media account associated with the IP address. 

A search of Lowe’s reported address in Salt Lake County was executed on September 7 by the Utah Attorney General’s Office ICAC Task Force. According to the Affidavit, officers made contact with Lowe, who admitted to owning and actively using the cell phone reported on by both the social media and mobile phone company. 

During the search of Lowe’s residence, police allegedly found multiple CDs in the master bedroom with titles suggesting they contain documentation of further child exploitation. These files have not yet been viewed by investigators. 

Additionally, official records state that law enforcement seized eight sex dolls from Lowe’s residence, “all of which appeared to be childlike and dressed in children’s clothing. For example, two of the sex dolls were dressed in Disney’s Frozen movie night gown.” 

Based on the information gathered from the search, officers have deemed Lowe “a danger to society.”