SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) – RoHa Brewing in Salt Lake City was the single recipient of a bar license at last month’s Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control (DABC) meeting. 

According to Gastronomic SLC, the brew house spent four months on the waitlist before being granted a bar license, which are hard to come by here in Utah. Along with permission to serve alcohol, RoHa additionally celebrated its fifth birthday in April, the icing on the cake to make for a perfect month. 

Though two bar licenses were on the market this month, Gastronomic SLC notes that with so many businesses waiting to open amid the countdown to June 1st, when Utah’s liquor laws are set to change, the DABC opted to hold off on the second licensing until this month’s meeting. 

When asked whether or not he was ready to open the venue’s doors to the public, RoHa owner Rob Phillips told Gastronomic SLC, “I can probably sell high point beer before I get back to the brewery, challenge me.”

Now with a bar license, Phillips has tacked on a list of high point cans to the brewery’s list of offerings, including:

  • Shambo Juicy IPA 7% 
  • False Prophet Hazy IPA 7% 
  • Thursday IPA 6.5% 
  • Big Green Couch DDH DIPA 8% (see below)
  • Big Green Couch DIPA 8%
  • Barrel Aged Nights Out Belgian Stout 8.7%
  • Nights Out Belgian Stout 8.7% 
  • Steady Edge Imperial Red 7.9%