SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) – Some of Utah’s biggest tech and startup companies met at this year’s Silicon Slopes Summit. It’s now one of the largest and most prominent annual technology events in the world.  

A common theme this year was growth. 

“All you have to do is drive down I-15 and see what’s happening, and it’s powerful,” ESPN NFL analyst and former NFL quarterback Steve Young said. 

With a bigger venue, bigger crowds and bigger names at the event, leaders of the state and the tech industry had the same thing in mind. 

“The importance of technology and the importance of sharing knowledge and wisdom in an effort to make the world a better place,” Governor Spencer Cox said. 

Governor Cox spoke at the event and listed statistic after statistic on how Utah’s tech and startup industry has exploded. He said in the past ten years, technology businesses generated tens of millions of dollars for the state. According to Governor Cox, last year the state saw a 6.5% growth in tech jobs, leading the nation. 

“We have now almost 10,000 technology related businesses in the state of Utah,” Cox said. 

However, this does not come without challenges. 

The CEO of Overstock, Johnathan Johnson said that considering Utah’s low unemployment rate, high housing prices and increased rate of people working from home, the workforce is changing, and businesses are trying to keep up. 

“I think that’s what the new workforce looks like, some come here and relocate, some talent stays where they are and helps Utah businesses grow, and I think that’s the way it’ll look in the future,” Johnson said. 

But companies still expect more innovation and revenue to come. 

“I think those ideas are here and think the people generating and building those ideas are here,” Johnson explained. 

And with Utah’s future of technology expected to keep growing, Governor Cox ended his message to the audience by acknowledging how businesses need to help their communities and that the state’s government was not designed to solve all our problems. 

“We need you to keep giving back, we need you to make part of your mission, giving your social capital to lift others,” Cox said. 

He ended his statement by telling TECH CEOs in the audience they don’t need to wait on their billion-dollar exit to give back.