UDOT’s TravelWise program aims to strengthen Utah’s economy by improving air quality, optimizing mobility and reducing energy consumption.

TravelWise offers some ideas for people who want to help.

  • Alternative work schedules.  Driving to and from work on less congested times of the day helps to reduce traffic congestion and improve air quality.
  • Active transportation.  Walking and biking makes for a healthier community, physically, socially and economically.
  • Carpool and vanpool.  This can be used to get to work, school, or recreational activities.  It requires some coordination, but can easily be achieved.
  • Public transit.  It not only saves money in gas, parking and car maintenance, it also allows you to do your part to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases and ease traffic congestion.
  • Skip the trip.  Combine trips to run errands.
  • Teleworking.  Teleworking is possible from just about anywhere – home, the local coffee shop, or anywhere that has a wireless internet connection.
  • Trip Chaining.  Group errands together instead of returning home after each one.
  • Plan ahead.  You can’t always avoid a trip, but if you plan ahead, you can travel wisely.

The TravelWise Tracker is a free trip planning tool created by UDOT that allows users to track and measure the money, miles, gas and emissions saved by using TravelWise strategies to reduce trips.

Check out the tracker at www.travelwisetracker.com.

You can find out more about TravelWise at travelwise.utah.gov.  #UCAIR @UCAIR