Should Murray City allow short-term rentals?


Salt Lake City (ABC4 News) – Murray City officials are proposing a new survey about allowing short-term rentals they would like answered by the end of the month.

Noise, parking issues, and trash are all among the common complaints with short-term rentals. Some neighbors tell ABC4 News they don’t want to live next to homes with these issues.

Murray City Community & Economic Development Director Melinda Greenwood says, “It’s hard when you have people who are on vacation and wanting to do all of those things to go on vacation, and kind of keep different hours when you’re in a residential neighborhood next to people who may have young children sleeping or have to get up and go to work early the next day.”

Greenwood is the one in charge of overseeing those complaints.

“We do see complaints on short term rentals. Right now, they are not legal in any of our single-family residential zones,” she says.

Short-term rental

That could change with a new survey allowing the city to explore the possibility of allowing short-term rentals.

“I think it is great that the city is looking for public input in crafting a new ordinance,” says Murray Resident Alexander Teemsma.

He tried to run a short term rental to pay for schooling and update his property but shut it down when neighbors complained.

“It’s important to visit this possibility to do short term rentals because every little bit can make, you know, a huge difference,” he says. “I believe that a well-crafted ordinance can be enforced fairly and consistently. If the city is going to be involved, then it is important to me that they be very clear regarding expectations and that they treat all residents fairly.”

Short-Term Rental

Greenwood adds, “The trade-off to that is we would have an ability to come in and work with someone to get compliance if they were not following the regulations and ordinances we would eventually put into place.”

Murray Residents have until Dec. 31 fill out the short-term rental survey.

If all goes well, an ordinance could be in front of the planning commission by March, with a possible city ordinance on short-term rentals into the city council’s hands for approval by April of 2021.


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