TWIN FALLS, Idaho (ABC4) – Visitors can bask in the colorful sights and sounds of Shoshone Falls this May as the beloved waterfall attraction returns.

“Shoshone Falls After Dark” will be lighting up the night in a preview show from May 5-8 in Twin Falls, Idaho. The falls will be illuminated nightly from “dark until about 11 p.m.”

“Nicknamed the Niagara of the West, the true beauty and power of this waterfall is best experienced in the spring,” organizers say. Shoshone Falls stands 212 feet tall which officials say is 36 feet higher than Niagara Falls.

The falls have been decked out by professional lighting artist David Henry with “newer, more capable” LED lights that will provide greater color coverage, efficiency and programmability.

Officials say current drought conditions have caused low water availability this year, so Idaho Power “has generously offered to cover four nights” of the show. Additional dates featuring “bigger flows” will be announced in late May.

The illuminated falls are presented by Southern Idaho Tourism along with Idaho Central Credit Union, Idaho Power, and the City of Twin Falls.

May 5-8 will serve as preview nights and visitors are encouraged to come back at the end of May “for bigger water and more opportunities to see Shoshone Falls After Dark.”

“It was a challenge evaluating water levels, use, and our flexibility, but we are excited to be able to help,” said Idaho Power communications officer Brad Bowling. “There is still hope more water will be released for the last two weeks of May, but these four nights will guarantee four nights of lights at Shoshone Falls.”

Visitors are advised to dress for seasonal weather and to bring flashlights along for their adventure.

“Southern Idaho is a high desert landscape and we are grateful for every little bit of water that comes our way,” said Bowling. “We are excited for people to get a chance to see Shoshone Falls, one of Idaho’s most popular and iconic landmarks, with tourism being such an important part of our region’s economy.”

To learn more about the event or to purchase tickets for the preview nights and more, click here.