UPDATE: An uninvited guest shows up at a child’s birthday party in Taylorsville.

The end result is chaos that lead to a shooting.

Unified Police say the man shot is an adult, but aren’t releasing more details at this time.

The situation unfolded around 6:30P.M. on the corner of Hemlock and Manzanita Drives.

At the time, police say three men were outside doing yard work when an intoxicated man pointed a gun at them.

The man, who police say is from Tooele, had been dropped off for a child’s birthday party across the street.

Police say he was barefoot, intoxicated and carrying a gun.

Due to his condition, he was denied entry into the party. Prior to leaving, the party’s host took the magazine out of the man’s gun, but eventually returned it to him before he departed.

“One of the neighbors who had seen what was going on went and got his handgun because he has a concealed weapons permit,” said Det. Ken Hansen of the Unified Police Department. “The intoxicated person decided to engage those people who were doing yard work. He pointed his gun, and the neighbor eventually shot him.”

Police say the man who was shot is in serious condition, but doesn’t appear he has life-threatening injuries.

Investigators say it’s still early in the investigation, but as of now it appears the shooter acted in self-defense.

TAYLORSVILLE (ABC4 News) – Unified Police say they are investigating a shooting Saturday night in Taylorsville.

It happened at 4644 South Hemlock Drive.

Unified Police tell ABC4 News a man was shot and is in serious condition.

ABC4 News has a crew on scene and will provide updates as soon as they become available.

This is a breaking news story and updates will be provided when available.