‘She’s been through a lot’ – Baby kidnapped in South Salt Lake Amber Alert returns home


SOUTH SALT LAKE (ABC4 News) – The man and woman accused of kidnapping their 4-month-old daughter more than a month ago are scheduled to appear in court on Friday. Meanwhile, the baby has been returned safe and sound to her grandparents who have guardianship of her.

Eleuterio Caro and his wife have more than a dozen grandchildren. But they said 4-month-old Khaliya has been through the most.

“She was born meth-addicted and DCFS pretty much told us, ‘It’s either you guys or the system,'” said Caro.

He said they have full custody of Khaliya because her biological parents, Gabriel Caro and Jasmine Alvarez have a history of drug abuse, homelessness, and domestic violence.

“They’re not responsible enough. They’re not adult enough. They don’t have the mentality to take care of a baby and I’ll be damned if I let her [Khaliya] go to the system. There’s just no way,” said Caro.

According to South Salt Lake Police, Khaliya’s dad took her from her grandparents’ home on September 25th and gave her to Alvarez, prompting a vague and confusing Amber Alert with only the words, ‘gry Toyt.’

Police later arrested Khaliya’s dad at a hotel in Salt Lake City. Troopers located Alvarez and the baby in Lander, Wyoming the morning after.

“Jasmine is Arapaho and I was mainly worried that they were going to get too far and all the way to the [Wind River Native American] reservation. If they were to get to the reservation with this baby, it would be virtually impossible to get her back,” said Caro.

Khaliya’s parents are scheduled to appear in court on Friday. They face charges of kidnapping, burglary, and violation of a protective order. Caro said he doesn’t want them to serve prison time, but to get the rehabilitative help that they need.

“I know they didn’t mean to do what they did. They need help. They’re drug addicts. Locking them up is not what I think they need. I think this was just a small, stupid thing they did and it didn’t work out for them,” he said. “If they can prove to us that they are responsible enough and build a safe environment for Khaliya, they can have her back.”

Caro said the process to get Khaliya back after the kidnapping was a little harder than anticipated since they had to prove their guardianship to law enforcement. Now that she’s back at home, he said his family is focused on giving her the love and care she deserves.

“This one’s special,” he said. “All I ask the good lord is for 20 more years of life so I can see her and the rest of my grandchildren grow up and be something.”


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