Section of Lake Powell closed due to decaying cattle carcasses

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GLEN CANYON NATIONAL RECREATION AREA (News4Utah) – National Park Service has closed a section of Lake Powell due to “potential exposure to decaying cattle carcasses.”

Officials closed a small cove near the Lone Rock Primitive Camping Area to swimming because it was deemed unsafe for recreational activities.

The closure is located on Lake Powell in Greenehaven Wash, directly south of the area known as the “sweet spot” at the Lone Rock Camping Area.

Park officials said two cows got stuck in the mud. Despite efforts by ranchers and National Park Service personnel, the cattle could not be removed so had to be put down.

Because the Lake Powell water level is rising, the carcasses are now in the water. The area is closed to public access until further notice. The closed area is marked by yellow closure buoys.

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