ALPINE, Utah (ABC4) – Two other videos have resurfaced showing BYU Professor and Church leader Brad Wilcox making controversial comments regarding race.

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Wilcox, who serves as the Second Counselor of the Young Men General Presidency, came under fire after a recording of his controversial speech at a youth fireside on Monday went viral.

Now, a second video posted on YouTube recorded in 2020 at a youth speech at the Georgia Atlanta North Mission in Lilburn, Georgia shows Wilcox making similar, controversial remarks about Church priesthood.

Wilcox is referring to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints’ previous policy of withholding priesthood from people of “black African descent.”

In the resurfaced 2020 video, Wilcox makes nearly identical comments about priesthood saying:

“I don’t mean to be a little over-simplistic, but sometimes I just think that we make things too complicated. Why didn’t the Blacks get the priesthood until 1978? What’s up with that, Brother Wilcox? What, Latter-day Saints were prejudiced? What — Brigham Young was a jerk? I mean, you’ll hear a lot of things. But maybe we’re asking the wrong question. Maybe instead of asking why didn’t the Blacks get the priesthood until ’78, we should be asking why didn’t everybody else get it before 1829? I mean, why did they have to wait until 1829 to have the priesthood restored?”

These comments closely mirror the ones Wilcox has been widely criticized over during his speech in Alpine.

A third video posted to YouTube also shows Wilcox making similar remarks to an audience. It isn’t clear when the video was recorded or which event this speech was a part of, but it appears recent as attendees are wearing face masks.

BYU has since released a statement on Twitter saying:

“We are deeply concerned with the words recently used by Dr. Brad Wilcox. We appreciate his sincere apology & believe he is committed to learn from this experience. BYU remains committed to upholding President Nelson’s charge to root out racism in our institutions. We are carrying out the guiding principles outlined by President Worthen in evaluating and implementing the recommendations provided by the Committee on Race, Equity and Belonging, including the creation of a new Office of Belonging.”

Wilcox also posted a response on his Facebook page on Monday saying:

“My dear friends, I made a serious mistake last night, and I am truly sorry. The illustration I attempted to use about the timing of the revelation on the priesthood for Black members was wrong. I’ve reviewed what I said and I recognize that what I hoped to express about trusting God’s timing did NOT come through as I intended. To those I offended, especially my dear Black friends, I offer my sincere apologies, and ask for your forgiveness. I am committed to do better.”