SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4 Utah) –  State police claimed a former prosecutor who eventually committed suicide was downloading child pornography.

In a newly released search warrant, investigators with the Attorney General’s Internet Crimes against Children’s Task Force (ICAC) stated they had probable cause to enter Chad Platt’s home in May.

Three days after ICAC executed the search warrant, Platt, a prosecutor for the Salt Lake District Attorney committed suicide.
He jumped from a three story parking structure near his downtown office.

“It was an absolute terrible, terrible day for us,” said Sim Gill, Salt Lake District Attorney.

ICAC spent several hours at Platt’s home and neighbors watched claiming they took out material from his home.  But Platt was never arrested.  
Gill said he learned that Friday morning of the warrant that was being executed at Platt’s home.  He said he started texting Platt.

“We had communicated to him that we wanted to be sure he was safe, that we would get through it and just wanted to make sure he was in a safe place,” Gill recalled. “That was on Saturday.”

Gill said Platt assured him that he was okay.  He said they continued texting throughout the week-end.  Monday morning he received a call that Platt was dead.

Back in June, his brother told Good 4 Utah that Platt was wrongfully accused and was never arrested because they didn’t find any evidence.

“He said in his suicide letter how devastating that was and even if he could have and would have proven his innocence, he would always have that mark on him,” said Shawn Platt. “It was humiliating for him.”

In a newly released search warrant, investigators didn’t reveal what they found.
But the search warrant claimed they came to the house because  an “IP address (belonging to) Chad Platt
was downloading “child pornography.”
An agent with ICAC claimed he came to Platt’s address and parked outside his home and searched for W-Fi’s in the area.  He stated in the search warrant all Wi-Fi’s were “locked” meaning they were secured.
A return search warrant filed later with the court claimed ICAC seized a VHS tape labeled “cats.” They also took several floppy discs and eventually an Ipad.

Gill said he expected Platt to be arrested after discussing the warrant with authorities.  But an arrest never happened.

“What it told me is that whatever they were anticipating did not go as they had planned,”  Gill said.

A spokesman for the Attorney General’s office said they won’t talk about what they found because the case is ongoing.

Despite Platt’s death, Dan Burton, a spokesman said their investigation revealed others were also downloading the same child pornography.

The office defended their methods in a statement: “The Utah Attorney General’s office is dedicated to the highest standards of investigation and prosecution.  The methods utilized by the Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force are on the cutting edge of technology and adhere to the law in every respect.  Many in our office had worked with Chad Platt and we were saddened by his death.”