Saratoga Springs Police: Man caught on nanny-cam violently beating a cat

SARATOGA SPRINGS (ABC 4 Utah) – They say a cat has nine lives and Caleb Cloward’s cat, Shadow, is proof of it.

Police say Jordan Lindquist, 19, was a house guest at the Clowards family home. Colleen Cloward told ABC4’s Tasmin Mahfuz that Jordan was friends with her son Caleb and he had moved in October of 2014.

“He was supposed to stay for a month, but it turned into 6 months,” she said.

The family has two cats and after some time, Colleen was concerned to see Shadow with multiple injuries.

The probable cause statement said the family had accrued hundreds of dollars in vet bills because of injuries in sustained over a period of time.

“Our vet was baffled. We didn’t know what was wrong. Shadow had multiple contusions on his eyes and ears. There was one episode where he {Shadow} was strangled and his esophagus was swollen shut as well as his face was swollen abd he was not able to breathe through his nose,” Cloward said.

When the Clowards asked Lindquist if he knew anything, Lindquist told them no and that he was always work.

Colleen and Caleb then decided to add a nanny cam to the room in hopes to find out what was happening to their cat.

What they saw on the camera took them by surprise.

On Tuesday, April 14, Colleen said they were watching the nanny-cam from work and saw Lindquist enter the room.

“I saw him in the bedroom. He walked over and closed the curtains as if nothing is going on and then he gets down by the side of the bed to look for Shadow,” Caleb said.

Police said the video then shows Lindquist using a flashlight to look for the cat. He is seen looking for Shadow underneath the bed. Police said the cat could be heard screaming and crying as Jordan snatched him and threw him against the bed.

Over the next few minutes, police say Lindquist punched the cat with extreme force. The video also shows Jordan slamming Shadow onto the floor several times.

Colleen and her son said they watched and listened n disbelief.
“At that point I got in my car and go home to try to stop what was happening. My son proceeded to watch the video and record it to his telephone. I told him to call Jordan to stop,” Colleen said.
Colleen said she could hear Lindquist answer Caleb’s phone over the app for the nanny-cam.

“He acted as if nothing had happened,” Colleen said.
The probable cause statement said when Jordan was being yelled at, he realized there was a nanny-cam in the room and tried to cover it with a t-shirt.

The Clowards reported the incident to the Saratoga Springs Police Department and gave them the video. Police arrested Jordan and said he is being charged with one county of Animal Cruelty, a third degree felony.

Colleen and neighbors in the area were surprised to see this side of him because Jordan had been a nice man to them and helped with chores at home.

“I was completely in shock. I mean I couldn’t understand why he was doing it. Really, that it was happening. It was very stressful and I definitely felt helpless,” Caleb said.

The Clowards were just grateful Shadow had survived.

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